Dick Armey resigns from FreedomWorks

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by Daryl Acumen

Dick Armey has formally resigned from FreedomWorks and is severing all ties with the organization.  In an email released by Mother Jones, Armey makes clear that he no longer wants anything to do with FreedomWorks and in subsequent emails to Mother Jones went into a little more detail about why.

In a nutshell, Armey is as disillusioned with FreedomWorks and the direction they are taking as I have been. I took a lot of heat form the “Tea Party” this election cycle for changing my position on Freedom Works from a strong supporter to a vocal critic, but I think it’s clear now that my feelings were not only well founded, but were also shared by high ranking leaders within the organization.

Russ Walker and Matt Kibbe are probably feeling really dumb right now after wasting millions of donor dollars and helping to drive what was once a respected voice of economic conservatism into the ground.  I stated repeatedly during the Republican Senate primary this year that if Jim Matheson won re-election in the 4th district, I would hold Matt Kibbe, Russ Walker and FreedomWorks personally responsible!  Not only was Jim Matheson re-elected, but FreedomWorks also helped the Republican party lose a few Senate seats in other states this year as well.  Nice job guys!

Clearly I’m not the only conservative from the Kemp wing of the party who’s ‘had it’ with FreedomWorks and the ineptitude of it’s leadership.  This is one ‘extreme make-over’ that didn’t work.  Time to re-group and start over from scratch.

November 30, 2012
To: Matt Kibbe, President, FreedomWorks Inc.
From: Honorable Richard K. Armey
Regarding: Resignation

This is to inform you that as of 5:00 P.M. ET on November 30, 2012 I resign my position of Trustee at FreedomWorks, Inc. and my positions of Chairman of FreedomWorks and FreedomWorks Foundation.

As I resign from all board positions and duties, please see below a list of dispositions on outstanding issues: I expect to be fully compensated through the expiration date (December 31, 2012) of my current consulting contract with FreedomWorks. Henceforth FreedomWorks shall be prohibited from using my name, image, or signature in any way or for any purpose without my written permission or in the event of my death, without my heirs written permission.

Effective immediately I expect that Freedom Works shall remove my name, image, and signature from all its letters, print media, postings, web sites, videos, testimonials, endorsements, fund raising materials, and social media, including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter. I expect to receive via email at [redacted] by the close of business, December 4, 2012, all user names, passwords, security questions, and security answers for all accounts, web sites and social media, including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter, created in my name.

Effective immediately FreedomWorks is prohibited from using my booklet or any updated versions of my booklet “Hitting the Ground Running” without my written permission which I innovated while still in congress and trusted to Max Pappas to update for new member orientation. I request that FreedomWorks deliver the copy of my official congressional portrait to my home in Texas.