FreedomWorks endorses Dan Liljenquist…sort-of

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by Daryl Acumen

On Saturday Russ Walker, Vice President of Political and Atroturf Campaigns at FreedomWorks,  was quoted by Deseret News as sort-of endorsing Dan Liljenquist in the 2012 Senate race.

“Now it’s on…it becomes the ‘let’s elect Dan Liljenquist’ campaign.'” – Russ Walker

Does this mean that FreedomWorks is FINALLY going to endorse Dan Liljenquist for Senate?  Sources inside the Utah Republican Party have said that last year Russ Walker told them FreedomWorks wouldn’t endorse Dan Liljenquist because his voting record wasn’t conservative enough to meet their standards.  He was even said to have commented that if FreedomWorks had known Jason Chaffetz wasn’t going o challenge Orrin Hatch int eh Senate race they would never have gotten involved.

After the numerous controversies surrounding FreedomWorks unscrupulous efforts to manipulate the Utah caucus system, Dan Liljenquist was quoted as saying he would not accept an endorsement from FreedomWorks.  Some have even reported hearing him call for the Super PAC to leave Utah.