FreedomWorks did little to oust Bennett in 2010

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by Daryl Acumen

Bored and between conference calls, I decided to run a few numbers on the 2012 Senate primary just for fun. I’ve said for some time that Russ Walker and Matt Kibbe are shameless in the way they continuously accept credit for ousting Bob Bennett in 2010 and pretend that the Hatch race is somehow simply a continuation of their efforts in Utah. Equally as disturbing is the way local media perpetuates the myth without question.

We all remember that in 2010, FreedomWorks was late to the game and completely ineffective. I know from my personal dealing with the FreedomWorks gang that this election was little more than a thinly disguised effort to make up for their ineptitude in 2010, but people think I’m biased because I support Hatch.

Just to add data to my arguments, consider the following: Club for Growth, the REAL engine behind Bob Bennett’s ouster in 2010, spent $183,470 in their efforts here in Utah last cycle. The Senate Conservatives fund spent $135,164 to promote Mike Lee to replace him. Common Sense Issues Inc. spent $40,400 promoting Bridgewater, and Tea Party Express spent $30,000 promoting Lee.

How much did all knowing, all powerful, brilliant and wise FreedomWorks spend in the race? $2,775…and yes that comma is in the right place!

How can the media continue to credit FreedomWorks with helping to oust Bennett in 2010 when the numbers clearly demonstrate that they did so little?