FreedomWorks Idea of “Conservative” Spending Priorities?

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by Daryl Acumen

If you want to know what’s going on, all you have to do is follow the money.

FreedomWorks is a pseudo conservative agency that is hoodwinking donors into actively working against conservative progress.

Orrin Hatch, staunch conservative, is up for reelection and poised for the Senate finance committee. See my earlier posts about why this matters, Finance Committee, judicial record.  Meanwhile we have President Obama, 23 Democratic Senators up for re-election, and of course other Republicans up for re-election that could use a helping hand.

Conservatives are good at math. Unlike liberals we know you can’t spend more than you take in any budget, so let’s take a look at some numbers in three troubling categories.

1- Hatch vs. Obama

Freedom works has spent just shy of $270,000 to unseat Orrin Hatch.  Compare that to the amount they’ve spent campaigning against Barack Hussein Obama, and it will make your stomach churn.

They’ve thrown in about $173,000 against Obama.

This supposedly conservative group hast spent roughly 64 percent as much money against Obama as they have against a Republican Senator with a stellar conservative record.

2- Hatch vs. Senate Democrats

Ok some might say, but what about the money they are spending to unseat incumbent Democrat Senators.  Conservatives want to gain a majority in the Senate, so they should spend some money there.  The total of FreedomWorks contribution to this worthy cause? Less than $1,000 dollars, that’s not even 1 percent of what they have used to fund their pathetic assassination attempt on Orrin Hatch.

3- Hatch vs. helping other Republicans

FreedomWorks has spent about $261,000 helping other republicans, which is a decent number.  Decent, that is, as long as you forget that they could have spent more than double that amount by simply leaving Orrin Hatch alone and using their hatchet job money for a good cause instead.

Do FreedomWorks donors know where their money is going? And equally important, do we know where all of FreedomWorks’ money is coming from?  Answer: about half of their money was provided by affiliated organizations that do not have to, and certainly do not, reveal their sources of income.

Money never lies, and the message here is that FreedomWorks is doing more harm than good to the cause of fiscal conservatism and the preservation of America’s future.