Why Romney Defeated Obama in the 1st Presidential Debate

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by Daryl Acumen

Did you catch the first presidential debate? I thought Romney tore up Obama. Why? Many people are speculating that it is because Obama is off his game, or that he is distracted or even that Romney was lying his way through all the questions. Here’s my opinion: The media (obviously in the tank for Obama) has been falsely accusing Romney of being bumbling, incompetent and just plain out of touch for so long, I think the Obama camp is actually starting to believe the lies they are telling us about who Romney is. While they’ve made Romney out to be this person, it still does not change who he REALLY is: Competent, caring, genuine and extremely smart. So, when the debate started, everyone, including Obama, was expecting the man they’ve been telling us Romney is all along. When the REAL Romney showed up, I think they were quite surprised. I think many people in the audience were quite surprised too.


Romney is the same person he has always been. We’ve simply been misled by the media to believe he was someone else. Perhaps we should now remember who Romney is, take note and stand behind him with all our support. I hope some people who were blinded by the media have now come to see more clearly. I hope those who still trust in the media are starting to see that the media cannot be trusted any longer. Go ahead, put two and two together and draw the logical conclusion: If the media has lied about this, they’ve probably lied about everything else that tries to shape our opinion as well.


I hope we all start formulating our own opinions about the issues, rather than depending on a media that has obviously lied through its teeth to sway us away from the truth to their side. In the media’s description of Romney, they’ve successfully described their own idol: Obama.


Let’s make sure we turn out in droves this election, even if it’s just to send the message louder and clearer than ever before that we don’t believe the media anymore. We are our own keepers and will draw our own conclusions.


May God bless the republic and strengthen us to help keep it safe.


Mike Meads

Utah State Delegate