Who supports FreedomWorks?

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by Daryl Acumen

FreedomWorks has said recently that they intend to double-down on the Utah Senate race in spite of exceptionally weak local support for their efforts.  I thought it would be fun to quantify how weak local support for FreedomWorks really is.

Tracking total Utah individual contributions as a proxy for in-state sentiment, I pulled some rough numbers from the Federal Elections Commission:

  • Orrin Hatch – $451,000
  • Dan Liljenquist – $104,950
  • FreedomWorks – $1,050

From a “money where your mouth is” perspective, that means Senator Hatch’s wallet-support in Utah is around 81% among Republicans, which is a bit higher than the polls show so far. Dan Liljenquist sits around 19%, which seems within striking range of recent polls. FreedomWorks by contrast lurks at an abysmal 0.19%…or basically no local support at all!

Digging deeper, the story gets even more bleak.  It turns out that the $1,050 raised by the FreedomWorks Super PAC here in Utah came from four (4) people: Robert Blass, John Oberhansly, Thomas Powers, and of course their biggest contributor Paul Padgett who contributed a whopping $350!

With support so weak that you could fit their entire Utah contributor-base inside a sub-compact rental car, is any wonder reception to FreedomWorks’ over-reach in our state has been so negative?