Candidate Notes: Sarah Nitta LD27

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by Daryl Acumen


Sarah is a successful professional fundraiser and grassroots organizer. She sits on several boards including the President’s Leadership Council at BYU-Hawaii and The Academy for Creating Enterprise. She mentors merging small business owners around the world to help them start new and successful businesses. As a mother of 4 children in the public schools she believes in choice in education and localized control. As a Conservative she believes that limited government, will help the business sector and our economy grow. Sarah is married to Kent and their family lives in Highland.

Since 2006,  Mrs. Nitta has been active in promoting Republican principles. Some of her recent accomplishments include:

  • Helped raise more than $700,00 for the Utah Republican Party
  • Worked on the Mike Lee for Senate Campaign
  • Volunteered for the Utah County GOP
  • Vice Chair of Legislative District 27 (2007-2011)
  • Vice President of Professional Republican Women
  • Chair of the UTGOP Women’s Leadership Initiative


  • Proven Fighter for Republican and Conservative Causes
  • Expert in collation building and finding solutions to major challenges
  • Is a strong listener, and seek others input on policy issues.
  • Flexible professional life which allows for time to be dedicated in public service as a Representative.
  • Will stand strong to protect small business from government regulations.
  • Advocate for Choice in Education and will defend parental choice.
  • A natural leader that has gained the support of many elected officials and delegates within the area.


  • Does not have a legal background