FreedomWorks Uses Fake Polls to Bash Hatch

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by Daryl Acumen

Here’s another example of the incompetence of FreedomWorks:

As a state delegate, I get 3 – 5 phone calls a day from pollsters asking me where I stand on various races I’m eligible to vote in. I don’t mind the calls, because that’s what I signed up for when I agreed to be a state delegate. In most cases it’s difficult or impossible to tell which campaign sponsored the poll or whether it was an independent company hired by a news agency.

Yesterday I got a call that stood out.  The pollster started out very professionally, asking me the standard “if the election were held tomorrow” type questions.  After a few minutes of the usual however, she launched into a five minute long string of negative statements about Orrin Hatch’s record, pausing after each to ask if they made me more or less likely to support my Senator.  Some of her points were valid, some were distortions, and in some cases I had to actually interrupt her and correct her on facts the Liljenquist campaign had gotten wrong.  By the 12th question or so, you could tell the pollster was beginning to feel slightly uncomfortable because she knew that I was on to her.  As we concluded, I made it clear with my tone though not in my words that I was not amused.

This kind of “fake polling” is desperate, undignified and pathetic!  We as state delegates are begin bombarded by literature on each candidate and the polls this year have been relentless.  Using deception in this way to gain our confidence and then using an innocent sounding poll to barrage us with negative campaign rhetoric is not only unprofessional, but demonstrates that those responsible have little or no respect for our time and our willingness to serve.