Empower America is dead!

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by Daryl Acumen

Nothing in this world annoys me more than ignorance or pisses me off more than lies. Tonight while checking Google I saw the following regionally targeted ad:

“Orrin Hatch added $7.5 Trillion to our nation’s debt. Retire Hatch!”

Now, as an analyst and somebody who’s been studying U.S. economic and fiscal policy for over twenty years, I have to say that I found this ad copy insulting. Does Freedom Works really think the citizens of the state of Utah are THAT stupid? If so, then their collective intelligence must be orders of magnitude lower than I gave them credit for.

The idea that any one Senator personally added “$7.5 Trillion” to the debt is insane. The notion that 50% of the national debt is the result of any one error by any single group is even more insane and frankly betrays a painful ignorance of economic and fiscal policy that I would have thought impossible for an organization founded by Jack Kemp.

For most of my adult life I watched Empower America inform and educate. Today their successor organization is content to dull minds and pollute any important debate with a pile of crap so deep you’d need a tractor to plow through it. It’s time for FreedomWorks to leave Utah alone and for Matt Kibbe to be fired! I never thought I’d live to say this, but Freedom Works has outlived is usefulness to this country and no longer adds anything to the national debate.

Rust in pieces!