It’s Beginning!!!

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by Daryl Acumen

For years I’ve been looking at US data to validate my ‘value-economic’ theories of taxation and economic performance, but it seems I’ve been missing the real story.

The U.S. tax system and the political debate here are relics of the past which are now rusting in the sunrise of a new value-economic tax explosion across the planet. Countries from Russia to Vietnam to France are realizing that abusing the monopoly power of the government to tax is counterproductive both for the economy and for the government. They are doing the math I once hoped to do in a doctoral dissertation and are coming to the same conclusions.

The results are startling! The United States needs to WAKE UP RIGHT NOW or risk being left behind. To that end, it is CRITICAL that we re-elect Orrin Hatch here in Utah and give the Senate Majority to Republicans. Only with a Senate Finance Committee Chairman who GETS IT can we hope to compete in the new value-economic world.

…defeating Obama, who knows less about economics than I did in my freshman year of college, would also be a step in the right direction.